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BTI SYSTEMS Introduces a Whole New Way to Think About Access Control

Keyscan's Centrally Managed Access Control Solution (CMAC) has revolutionized access control as a service. Based on Keyscan's world class access control systems, our centrally managed solution provides a wide range of new features designed with the integrator in mind. End-users continue to benefit from Keyscan's industry renowned ease of use, while reducing the upfront costs associated with implementing a traditional access control system, opening up a whole new market of customers for installers and dealers. The Keyscan CMAC solution is run with the feature loaded System VII Access Control Management Software with the flexible, convenient K-Web application, to allow users to perform day-to-day system maintenance from any internet connection. The Keyscan CMAC model allows integrators to easily migrate to offering access control as a service, without additional training, and enables them to easily create recurring monthly revenue for their business. End-user customers will save on computers, servers, and administrative costs. With a centrally managed system, all they will require is internet access. Smaller organizations that do not have the resources and man power to manage their own system benefit from lower up front costs, and installing dealers increase their customer base by offering access control as a service with the Keyscan solution.

Rethinking Access Control

Keyscan's Centrally Managed Access Control solution brings the benefits of electronic access control to a whole new group of end-users that would not have previously considered it an option. The CMAC solution provides the convenience of web based access control without ever compromising security. End-users save time and valuable resources by partnering with an access control service provider. This allows end-user organizations to focus on their core business, while having peace of mind that their facility security is being managed by access control security experts.

  • Software as a Service
  • Easy IP Configuration
  • Lowered Up-Front Costs
  • Sample Panel Used by Large Corporations
  • No On-Site Software
  • No Database Maintenance
  • No On-Site Service or PC Required

Web Based Solutions

With Keyscan's Centrally Managed Access Control, you get the flexibility of accessing your Keyscan System from anywhere in the world. Using the fully password protected K-WEB module; system maintenance can be done from any internet connection. The power and flexibility of K-WEB allows end users, based on their login permissions, to manage these core functions from anywhere:

  • Add and edit card holders
  • Assign and update card holder access privileges
  • Full reporting capability
  • Lock & unlock doors
  • Schedule visitors
  • View system status
  • Change Time Zone Schedules
  • Door maintenance and status

How Keyscan Makes IT Secure and Easy

The Keyscan Centrally Managed Access Control solution uses reverse network technology for host connectivity. This reverse network technology establishes the Keyscan panel as a network appliance and dramatically reduces the level of IT knowledge required for system installation. The reverse network technology uses Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP), allowing the panels to auto negotiate a network IP. This eliminates the need for static IP addresses at the panel, which are not only costly, but can be difficult to acquire when working with an end- user's IT department. The trouble of navigating network ports and firewalls is eliminated with Keyscan's reverse network technology, and ensures that any technician can install the access control system without special network permissions, or advanced IT training.

Panel connectivity with the host is kept indefinitely, ensuring that adding and deleting cards or generating reports occurs instantaneously. If the connection to the central host is ever lost, the panel will automatically attempt to reestablish connection. The panel will continue to look for the central host until connection is made with the database. In the event that anything should happen to the panel onsite, the presence of a backend database allows for easy recovery of information and reduces panel downtime.

Keyscan's Centrally Managed Access Control runs on the same Keyscan software installers have come to depend on. No new training is required as all equipment is installed normally at the end-user site. The reverse network connection is established using Keyscan's NETCOM6 network communication board, which allows for panel communication back to the central host using a high speed internet connection. The reverse network solution also utilizes AES Rijndael 256 bit U.S. government approved Top Secret encryption, ensuring all internet based communications are secure. As always with Keyscan, total security is a top priority.

Creating a Central Host

The central host is set up using three software programs.

Communication Receiver Software

The communications receiver runs complex encryption/decryption algorithms to validate access control panels that request connectivity via the internet. It also manages communication activity for panels that have been authenticated and have established a connection.

System VII & Database

The standard System VII SQL Express database runs at the central host and provides capability for an unlimited number of sites or end-user connections. For central stations that grow beyond the SQL Express capabilities, Keyscan offers a full SQL upgrade.

Keyscan's System VII client is installed at the central host to provide full system management functionality for administration and maintenance. This allows for Keyscan's impressive and feature packed System VII Access Control Management Software to be used for every end user site.


Installing the K-WEB software at the central host allows the integrator to provide end-users a level of control over the management of their access control system, without the need for any special software. This remote administration tool allows those end-users that wish to retain some control over their system a completely secure web portal to perform general system management. Whether using a smart phone or internet connected computer this remote administration tool provides the ultimate in convenience.


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