Fire Systems

Protecting your business from fire is an increasingly sophisticated proposition.

BTI has all the leading technologies available into our Fire Alarm Systems in order to help electronically protect businesses of any size from the threat of fire.

Comprehensive business fire alarm systems should include:

  • Hard-wired smoke, heat and hazardous gas detectors
  • Manual pull stations
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Specialized HVAC duct sensors
  • ADA compliant horns and strobe light units
  • Business Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our 24-Hour Security Command Center monitors every element of your fire alarm systems, including sprinklers, with trained staff ready to react to any trouble at your business.

  • Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection Services

We also offer comprehensive test and inspection services, as well as remote electronic daily testing to make sure your life/safety fire alarm system is in full working order and providing your business the fire alarm protection that is necessary for proper safety.

  • Cost Savings with a UL Certified and Accredited Fire Alarm Provider

Our customers also realize insurance cost savings that is available only to companies whose security system and business fire alarm provider are UL certified and accredited, like American Alarm.

  • Advanced Signal for Enterprise Level Fire Alarm Systems

For larger-scale enterprise fire and life safety systems, BTI Advanced Signal division is channel partner with Honeywell. By supporting architects during the design process, electrical contractors during construction, or making the job of facilities managers easier through superior test, inspection and customer service, BTI Technology has been a partner of choice for business fire alarm and life safety systems for more than 15 years.

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