Data Center Services

Would you like the security of your own high availability, high security data center infrastructure? BTI has the ultimate solution to exceed your expectations. We can bring you three managed Data Centers worth of reliability for a fraction of the cost of operating one Data Center yourself.

BTI provides 24x7x365 Network Operations, on site systems monitoring, and 24 hour on demand personnel that you dispatch and control.

In partnership with IO, BTI and IO bring you a 500,000 square foot, TIER III certified data center which is also a TerraPop with ultra reliable, low cost connectivity to every carrier for your private infrastructure and on demand system operators when you need them.

Further, BTI’s single pane of glass management and servicing portal combined with smart hands and system engineering support gives you management capabilities equal to a Fortune 100 company for less than the cost of one engineer, in most cases.

With BTI, you pay only for what you need but enjoy the availability of over 700 high caliber Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware engineers with sub specialties in every major form of server, operating system, and infrastructure to prevent and resolve the most challenging problems.

Additional options include back up on demand infrastructure, managed snapshots and a managed business continuity plan all at low per server rates.

Contact us today at 800.HELP.BTI to find out more about how we can provide your business with a three-in-one secured Data Center!


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