BTI's Business Continuity Solutions

Think about what's most important to your business today – chances are production, accounting, collecting receivables, answering phones, and communicating all rely on your network and servers. Your data network is arguably the most vital asset to your business, and any critical information system failure or lost or compromised data is a disaster in and of itself. The resulting costs and impact of an inoperable IT system or loss of data can be severe.

BTI's Business Continuity Solutions protect your IT operations and your data while also simplifying your business recovery and backup processes in the event of disaster. Your worries about all the points of failure in your network can be a thing of the past.

Our products and services are all supported and monitored by our technical staff who follow your instructions about how to communicate with you and remediate any problems that arise in the process.

You can have backups performed as frequently as well so you know your data is recoverable. If a server goes down, we'll spin up a virtual instance and have you back up and running quickly – ensuring server downtime doesn't pose a critical threat to your business.

This means that when disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing your business will be back on its feet quickly – and your data will be completely recovered.

Key features of our server business continuity solution include:

  • Complete end-to-end management of backups
  • Block-level encryption
  • Continuous Data Protection technology
  • Fully-managed & monitored
  • Cloud replication
  • Off-site virtualization
  • And More!


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