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The legal industry faces unique challenges handling client information, controlling costs, and producing income. You must maintain the strictest level of privacy while still making data easy to locate and access. To control costs and produce income, you need reliable communication and collaboration solutions and legal staff who are not technology burdened.

BTI understands the privacy and security needs of the legal industry as well as its communications requirements. We deliver integrated business services to maximize attorney productivity, allowing seamless branch office connectivity, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction.

With e-Discovery regulations and massive storage requirements, we know you need increasing bandwidth, secure access, and tools to manage the volume. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure enacted in 2006 spurred an exodus of legal information from paper to digital form.

The practical benefits of that transformation are clear. However, there is a corresponding operational need to effectively manage that data, transport it to where it needs to be, and store it in a safe way. BTI helps you manage these extraordinary data needs and provides you with communications solutions that match your goals and budget constraints.

As your partner, we focus on your communications so you can focus on what you do best.


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