Virtualization with VMware vSphere

November 21st, 2015 by admin

Virtualization is a powerful technology that BTI Group highly recommends. Physical hardware can be epensive to maintain. However, VMware enables you to reduce and consolidate your physical hardware requirements, improve your network, create agility and scalability for IT, and serve as a foundation for a true software-defined data center. VMware is not a new technology, it accounts for over 90 percent of server virtualization! It is aslo a very reliable way to go, if something were to happen to your servers you could get everything back up and running in minutes rather than hours.

Benefits of deploying vSphere include:

  • Reducing IT expenses for manpower, electricity, and software and hardware maintenance.
  • Enabling your IT team to turn up new servers, desktops, and applications in a fraction of the time they otherwise would need.
  • Reducing downtime, improving business continuity and backup processes, extending the life of older applications, and improving system performance across the network and Internet.

Contact BTI for a free vSphere Virtualization Assessment and reports on the configuration, performance, and capacity of your IT infrastructure.

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