Operational Network - Defined

July 27th, 2015 by Eric Brackett

For a network to be considered operational, it would, by necessity, need to work well without further unexpected assistance or attention. As with anything that doesn't work well without unexpected attention, you lose valuable productivity and time when you depend on it AND you overspend on support and personnel.  Further, the connections, devices, and applications like phones, security systems, servers, Internet access, and business itself will be adversely affected by the network and require constant attention.

The first and primary goal of BTI is delivering the foremost technical quality that can be delivered in Telephony, Networking, and Security.

To accomplish this goal, we do the usual, the routine, the standard in telephony, networking, and security.  These standards are published, codified, and adopted by technology companies, international networking standards boards, and technical training organizations. In addition to knowing them, one still must be able to apply them quickly and routinely. To accomplish that, we employ the industry's top specialists with experience equal to the calling.

There are innumerable wrong ways to do things but generally only one right way.  It takes study, drilling, practice on real networks, experience gained, and constant training and practice to keep up.

This has many ramifications:

  1. A fully trained, successfully certified, and also experienced vendor with engineering experience equal in magnitude to your project is needed to properly design or fix your network.  There are thousands of ways one could be poorly designed or not fixed but only one way one could be well designed or fixed to the point of operational performance.
  2. A conscientious and well trained engineer will get no adverse reaction from unexpected or undisclosed problems in a deployment because, by definition, he's well trained and professional and will cover all the bases.
  3. A little bit of time up front making a plan and executing it with the right vendor and engineer will save 10 or more times as much money as not taking the time or doing it any other way than the usual.
  4. An operational network delivery CAN be supported with all you can eat support for a fraction of the cost of one that is poorly conceived or implemented.
  5. An operational network will have no trouble passing an audit from a client, bank, accounting firm, or regulator.

There is a corollary:  If your firm is experiencing network troubles, then the vendors or providers did not know or do the usual.  That network and its related technologies - servers, computers, IP telephones, call centers, and security devices on it will run worse and worse until fixed in the usual way.

If I can help you or someone you know, I hope you will reach out to me.  It will be worth everyone's while.

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