City of Downey Awards Surveillance Project to BTI Communications Group

March 18th, 2019 by admin

The BTI Group has been awarded the City of Downey Award after a two-year review process based on merit. This award stems from demonstrated superior design and implementation by BTI. The project includes the Downey Police department, city hall, and main public library. It is indeed an honor to have been chosen by the city and its board members in this system upgrade process.

Downey is located 13 miles from Down Town Los Angeles. It is an iconic Southern California suburb, home to the Apollo Space Program and the world’s oldest operating McDonald’s. The city of Downey is home to 113,000 residents and was also recently recognized as the most business-friendly city in the Los Angeles market area. The City of Downey takes pride in its community, the culture of the town, and in keeping the residents and visitors safe. Having superior technology for security and safety is of the utmost importance to the mayor, its board members, and residents.

Based on a comprehensive review of three vendors based on overall service, rankings, expertise, type of hardware and software utilized, outcome projections, and more, BTI Communications Group was selected for the contract. We designed and installed a custom system, with solutions from Axis and Milestone. Axis is the company that invented the IP camera in 1996 and is the #1 worldwide market share provider of commercial surveillance cameras. Milestone is the #1 commercial video management software market shareholder in the world. Both companies are partially owned by Canon, the world leader in digital imaging technology.

BTI's design and implementation provided the city with a cost-effective and innovative solution for surveillance monitoring, video integration, access control, land mobile radios, and more.

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