Benefits of Zultys and 24/7 Support

May 18th, 2015 by admin

BTI group has recently added Zultys to the Unified Communications product offerings in addition to ShoreTel and Mitel. In a recent interview with BTI’s President, Eric Brackett, Mr. Brackett explained why BTI decided to go with Zultys and the added benefits that they’re products offered. He explained, “Zultys provides great features, technology, value, and reliability”. Everything that you could ask for when you expand your product offerings.

Additional information on BTI's new partnership with Zultys.

The BTI group would also like to remind you about our 24-hour on-site and remote monitoring and maintenance service for:

  • Business Computer Networks
  • Business Telephone Systems
  • Business Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Business Access Control Systems

Most of our existing clients don’t even realize that we do this. Even if you’re not a customer and don’t have one of our phone systems, we can still provide several different services to you. Things like moves, adds & changes or if you’re unhappy with your current vendor, we can support you even if we did not install the phone system for you. It’s a huge part of our business that we seldom talk about but we want to make sure that everyone is aware that this is a service that we offer. This is primarily done to try and eliminate downtime for our customers, to stay ahead of them finding out and ahead of any downtime for your business. Remember that beyond phone systems we like to know that your peace of mind with your phone system is just as important and held in the highest regard here at the BTI group.

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