ShoreTel Tip of the Week! Using Outlook with Voice Mail

July 20th, 2016 by admin

With ShoreTel Communicator you can integrate your voice mail with Outlook.  There are many voice mail features you can utilize from your Outlook.  In the upcoming ShoreTel tips, we will assess each of the voice mail integration features such as:

  • Select your playback device
  • Listen to a voice mail
  •  Reply to a voice mail
  •  Create a new voice mail
  •  Forward a voice mail
  •  Edit the subject of a voice mail
  •  Delete a voice mail
  •  Move a voice mail into another folder

First, when ShoreTel Communicator is integrated with your Outlook, your voice mails will be listed in your Outlook Inbox. Voice mails are indicated by a cassette icon and include the phone number or extension of the sender. Unheard messages are displayed in bold; a red exclamation point is associated with urgent messages.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of ShoreTel Communicator, new voice mail items are displayed in the Outlook Inbox for previously existing voice mails, resulting in duplicate items. You can delete the older duplicate voice mails, since these items no longer contain the voice message.

You work with voice mail in Outlook using the ShoreTel Outlook Voice Mail form.

Using the ShoreTel Outlook Voice Mail Form


Double-clicking on a voice mail in the Outlook Inbox opens the ShoreTel Voice Mail form, which you use to work with voice messages. The ShoreTel Voice Mail form is also displayed in the preview pane of the Outlook Inbox when a voice mail is selected.

Thank you for reading your ShoreTel Tip. Have a great week!

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