Learn What to Look Out For When Taking Your Voice Technology to The Cloud

February 15th, 2016 by admin

At BTI Communications Group, our first and primary goal is delivering the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered in telephony, networking, and security. In all of our premise based, cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions, we strive to do just that, understanding our client requirements and partnering with the best providers in the industry. Some businesses are too quick to adopt cloud solutions and wind up spending far more than necessary with lower quality than they expected. In fact, the average decision time frame for cloud voice is less than a month versus six months for premise based solutions

Even with cloud provided solutions, it is probably very important to choose a reputable, local integrator who is highly experienced with the particular solution one is considering. Although the systems can be purchased on the internet, and is often the fastest purchasing method to start with, it normally brings big problems not long thereafter, lengthening the overall implementation cycle. Local, experienced integrators can help a business avoid pitfalls they hadn’t thought of before deciding. It is also vital to properly set up and monitor the network connection and equipment when moving to a cloud provider. A local provider can make positive changes that ensure sound quality as well as functionality fit for your business needs.

While it is abundantly clear that working with a reputable company is the smartest way to purchase technology and move to the cloud, this then eludes to the question of affordability. The interesting fact here, is that regardless of whether the technology is purchased from an online company or from a local provider, the price in the end remains the same. This was the motivation for BTI’s desire to launch this awareness campaign. As stated by our Founder/President Eric Brackett, “The only reason BTI exists is to sell and deliver solutions that benefit our clients’ businesses”.

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