5/23 - ShoreTel Tip of the Week!

May 23rd, 2014 by admin

BTI Communications Group Presents

ShoreTel Tip of the Week!

Share Your Desktop

Whether you are a PC or a Mac user, ShoreTel's brilliantly simple Web Conferencing enables you to share your desktop to collaborate on documents with your team. So you can, for example, conduct a sales presentation to prospective customers or simply use the interface to manage any audio conference. Participation for attendees is simplified, as well: with a simple click on a link – and no download – attendees can see the shared desktop within seconds. This week's tip will show you how!

While on a call, click the 'Start Instant Conference' icon.

Share Your Desktop

Click to start sharing your screen.

Share Your Desktop

Your entire desktop will now be surrounded by a red rectangle. You can share your entire screen or choose which portion of your screen you would like to share with the 'Choose Sharing Window' Icon.

Share Your Desktop

Choose sharing window:

Share Your Desktop

To view a shared desktop, simply click the link that will appear in your ShoreTel Communicator active call window once the presenter clicks their 'Start Instant Conference' Icon.

Share Your Desktop

If you would like to share your screen with someone who is not on your ShoreTel system, simply provide them with the conference link and they will be able to view your screen.

That's all there is to it!

Thank you for reading your ShoreTel Tip! Have a Great Week!

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