Eric Brackett, Founder & President

BTI Communications Group was founded by Mr. Brackett in 1985.

As a young man, Eric Brackett, armed with determination and a true entrepreneurial spirit, started his first business at the age of 20. While attending college, Mr. Brackett founded Brackett Telecom out of his dorm room. The idea came about as a result of listening in on an investment pitch to his dad touting privately owned payphones. Eric immediately related this emerging industry to his economics coursework and it clicked. He immediately knew what a great advantage it would be for businesses to control their own telephone costs. That has remained the constant credo of BTI Communications Group to this day.

With a continued vision of providing quality products and services for businesses, Mr. Brackett set out to establish a telecommunications company that would bring high technology to every business. "My goal", says Brackett, "is to build companies delivering the world's best bundled voice, data, and collaboration solutions for businesses. In particular, I'm interested in providing our customers with managed solutions to business problems that reduce operating costs, streamline operations, and improve productivity."

Brackett Telecom is now BTI Communications Group, with 5 offices nationwide.

Eric Brackett believes in the power of one individual making a difference. Through his group of companies, Mr. Brackett endeavors to inspire his employees into giving back and living a life in service to others.

Eric Brackett holds a BA in Economics from Northwestern University and a JD from the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Mr. Brackett originally hails from Chicago, Illinois.


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